Sublimation is the process that is used when printing images on finished products. The process proceeds with the absorption of heat at the transition of Sublimation ink from solid to gazoobrano state (Vapours) under the influence of high temperature, resulting in transfer of the image on the product after cooling. This technology is particularly suitable for transferring images onto irregular surfaces or rotational. Before using the technology should make sure that items possess the necessary special coating for this type of printing.
Sublimation textile printing is used for labeling of advertising and promotional textile polyester or with a special coating. When heated to the necessary temperature of the polyester molecules are "open" and sublimation inks, which at this time are in a gaseous state, can penetrate into the polyester. After termination of exposure to high temperatures, molecules of the polyester is "closed" and so the image remains of polyester. Printed by sublimation prints have a lasting advertising life.