Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technology, also known as serigraphy. Is derived from two Greek words - seri (sieve) and graphos (write). Printing becomes a significant thickness of ink on fabric, synthetic materials, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, leather ceramic, metal and other materials. The shape of the receiving surface may be flat and irregular. Typical of this technology is the high ink coverage, allowing the inscription of dark souvenirs with a lighter color. Modern technology in screen printing provide enough good quality prints.
In screen printing on textiles, the most commonly used inks are plastisol. They are characterized by excellent stability and a large range of different colors. They are used for printing on synthetic (polyester) and natural fabrics. Resistant to wash (40 ° C) (50 ° C) (60 ° C). Should not be subjected to chemical cleaning, ironing or washing at high temperatures.