Business cards

Business cards are an advertising product that helps you create a good first impression. It is your unique chance to create a good first impression. Business cards are a key point in business meetings with your potential customers. Advertising agency Deja produces both traditional business cards and unconventional ones with unique design - different sizes, shapes, color, font, consistent with the corporate identity of your company. In order for your business cards to be unique, we offer a wide range of fancy paper and paperboard and custom media for their production and finishing services - hot stamping, embossing, various laminates, varnishes, rounded corners or punching them to unconventional shapes.

Standard formats

  •     90 × 50 mm

  •     85 × 55 mm


  •     standard two-sided chrome from 250 to 350 g. / m2 (matt or gloss)
  •     impressive records
  •     recycled (green cards)
  •     linen cards

Finishing processes

  •     Laminate - matte, glossy, matte satin
  •     selective UV varnish
  •     stamping
  •     rounded corners