Flyers are a print product made of one sheet. They are a great way to introduce the services that your company offers to potential customers - new products, promotions, business proposals, information about events. In the printing house of advertising agency Deja we can produce flyers different in size and color designed to increase the sales of your business. Full color print is standardly used in their production, while Pantone colours or others  appropriate for the corporate identity of your company can be added. Flyers can be completed with the overprinting varnish to protect the inks, and various kinds of UV varnish (total or selective) or laminates matte or gloss, as well as effective UV varnish.
Standard formats

  • A4 - 297 x 210 mm
  • A5 - 210 x 148 mm
  • A6 - 105 x 148 mm

Finishing processes
•    overprint varnish
•    UV varnish - matte or gloss
•    Laminates - matte or gloss 
•    selective UV varnish